March 12, 2014

Bits. Bytes. Beats. Released!!!

Download the album for free here --->  Bits. Bytes. Beats.

Beats. Beats. BEATS!!!  We released our 7th album today!  'Bits. Bytes. Beats' is a collection of our eight most recent songs.  We feel like this is our best work to date.  Each of the songs on this album are original works written and composed by Shannon & Loretta of The Efts.  All of the tunes have been spiffed up, hosed down and generally made better than the versions already available on this blog.  Topics on this album include music creation, amazing parties, best friends, cool art made by best friends, favorite tv characters, our feelings for one another, favorite podcasts and favorite playlisters.  This collection of songs is available for free from Google Play and can also be heard on Earbits Radio.

Track list for Bits. Bytes. Beats.:
1. Beat Walker
2. What You Mean to Me
3. You're Not Afraid of Color
4. Charlie Is the Foundation
5. 69 Songs
6. The Most Popular Girls on the Internet
7. Andrew Treat Does Everything Right Redux
8. The Stone Rose

We would like to thank the following people for their support:  Our parents, Anita Heatwole, Tanner Haid, Kristian Yeager, Sara Treat, Dylan Assael, Kara Dean, Jackson Yeager, Tara & Cassandra from TMPGOTI, Andrew Treat, Amrik Brar, IndieSixtynine, Kervens Brun, John Lyon, Dezi Schuster, Carmen Smith, and Brandon Judy.

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