April 15, 2014

The Efts in the Grant County Press!

Front page of the Grant County Press - March 8 2014 edition

It was with great honor that we found ourselves in our hometown's esteemed newspaper last week.  After an interview with local newsman extraordinaire Tom Hencke, we were a little apprehensive about the reaction from our area's general populace.  Considering the local radio stations run the gambit from country to Christian to Christian-country, we knew most curious locals were about to hear some music stylings they might not have been privvy to before reading the article.  Our apprehension was dismissed almost immediately as we received a wonderful outpouring of support for our craft.  Thanks go out to Mr Tom Hencke for his beautiful wordsmithing.  We would also like to thank the town of Petersburg for their subsequent support and wellwishing.  Fun times!

Page 9 continuation of the article

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