February 19, 2014

Beat Walker

"Beat Walker" artwork by Wiles, Dylan, and Ashland Assael

Happy Valentine's Day Lolo!  This song is dedicated to you, my partner in life, love and music.  You've become a master at creating sounds with me on our Mac.  As our music is funneled through your ears, it becomes something more than I could ever hope to create by myself.  Without you, The Efts are nothing.  Thanks for being a wonderful and creative force.  You are the Beat Walker, and you bring me to my knees.  I love you Lolo!

Big thanks go out the Assael family for the triptych associated with this song.  It's the kind of art that makes me want to rejoice.  I can't wait to see more artwork from your amazing family.


I'm a street talker baby
you're a beat walker.
And when I come around
looking down
Calling all around this town.
You know what I need baby.
Hammer out the lead.
I gotta find a seat
'cause now you brought the beat baby.
Beat it to my teeth, lady
Feel in in my feet. Maybe
put it all the way down in the ground
deeper than the speaker sounds.
Make me wanna jump around
show me why they say that you're a beat walker
you're not a sweet talker
I can recognize in your eyes
when it's time to synthesize
You can call it fate now
I can call it luck how
we can build a house out of
beat bricks, wicked licks
and drummer sticks.
Beat walker bring me to my knees
You know what I need.  Lead
me to sonic seeds. Feed
me the chronic beats. Rocker
down upon the keys, squeeze
on my knees. Don't you be a rhythm tease.
'Cause you're a beat walker.

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