February 19, 2014

69 Songs

"69 Songs In An Envelope" artwork by Jackson Y

     For several years our lives have been musically enriched by one man who continues to shine a beacon on songs we probably would have never otherwise heard.  Indie Sixtynine is one of the world's most prolific and dedicated music purveyors, aggregators, and disseminators.  His taste is exquisite, his methods are focused, and his work is constantly appreciated in our household.  We celebrate his existence and his influence on our own work.  As a gift for Indie's upcoming 5-year playlist anniversary, we've created this song in tribute to him.  Thanks Indie!  You've made our world brighter, something we will never forget.

     This song is accompanied by a radical piece of custom artwork by the venerable and talented Jackson Y.  Thank you once again for the art Jack!  Your skills continue to astound us.


69 songs in an envelope
69 pieces of this message to me

This isn't political and this is not about money
Its a stream of consciousness from you.

69 songs in an envelope
69 moments that I've shared some time with you.

Your message has been received
Your 69 songs set free

I puzzled together the way that you feel
how you carry the burden for me

I puzzled together the way that you feel
how you stay independent with me  

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