March 04, 2014

The Efts on The Most Popular Girls on the Internet Episode 230!

Check out the excellent podcast here --> TMPGOTI: 20 Degrees Calculus

For the first time ever, a podcast has played one of our songs before we've had a chance to release it.  The Most Popular Girls on the Internet made our snow day even better by surprising us with adding our newest song 'You're Not Afraid of Color' to their 230th episode over the weekend.  Both of the wonderful hosts of TMPGOTI are members of our music beta team.  As a result, they heard this several days before we've had a chance to put on the song's finishing touches and get some associated art for the release.  We once again implore you to check out their show.  Listen as Sassy gushes about her favorite Bond actor and debates about the amount of time allowed before spoilers can be unleashed upon the interwebs.  Hear all about the continued alpha action as Tara works her way through Everquest Next: Landmark and rants about the whole Comcast/Netflix debacle.  Hilarity will ensue as Sassy tries to use words with her mouth.  We love you TMPGOTI!  Thanks for giving our music a home.

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