January 25, 2014

Andrew Treat Does Everything Right Redux

Those of us in certain circles have often said Andrew Treat does everything right.  He's a thoughtful friend who is the perfect accomplice for adventures that often share a border with life-altering experiences. This song reflects the 2nd in a series of parties hosted by the incomparable Andrew Treat.  Borrowing heavily from the material from our first song about an AT-related party, we've updated the lyrics to reflect a more recent vice-fueled weekend at his place in Parkersburg.  We also added some stuff like bass drops, bigger drums and deeper synths.  We'd like to thank beta team members Tanner, KY, Amrik and AT for their help.  We'd also like to thank the incredible Jackson Y for the poignant picture drawn for this song.  Seeing Jackson's vision of Andrew Treat in Game of Thrones form is a wonderful companion image for this project.


I don't remember all of September.  Oh no.
I just remember pieces of this adventure.

It was me and AT
KY and Amrik
and it was scheduled to be
a Game of Thrones viewing

There was a giant TV
A million color 3-D
and it was loud as could be

He had an Acura TL
in which I sat in the back
and as the afternoon gelled
we all listened to rap

And then we made a quick stop
down at the old butcher shop
we got some red bloody chops
and then some red soda pop 

There was Rock Band, GTA
Staying up all night and day
Bourbon and some Powerade
Swervin' at the chopper raid.

And as the day began to fade
my memory began to shade
Games we barely got to play
Drinking till the light of day

We watched an orb weaver
make her man feed her
Covered in gore creature
on his back porch feature

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