November 12, 2014


Artwork by Alyson Williams

This song is dedicated to Lolo in honor of our upcoming 25th anniversary.  While impossible to effectively express how profound my feelings are for her, I attempted to cobble together some semblance of the binding force that connects the two of us.  The lyrics reflect a nod to the many games we've played together in which items become soulbound to our various characters, as well as being hopelessly dependent upon one another.  There's also some stuff about Laverne & Shirley for some reason.  I love you Lolo!

The artwork associated with this tune comes from an extremely talented artist from California, Alyson Williams.  She worked with us for a few weeks getting a good feel for the song, our thoughts, and the message at hand.  It's been a great experience, one we've been very lucky to have.  Thanks so much Alyson!  Please check out more of her work here -->


I'll be your Shirley
You can be my Laverne
We can drink milk and Pepsi
And we can put these gloves on bottles at work
for the rest of our lives

I have become soulbound to you.
You have become soulbound to me.
We are symbiotic.
We went a half a million miles.
I'll go a million more miles with you.

Soulbound to me
Soulbound to you
We went a half a million miles.
I'll go a million more miles with you.

I'll be your lichen
You can be my green moss
We'll find a boulder
Then we can always embrace
and have no cares about anything else

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