January 11, 2014

Charlie Is the Foundation

Charlie Day artwork by Jackson Y.

The Efts watch a lot of TV.  Over the last few years, one show has emerged to dominate our television: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We've become unabashedly enamored with one of the show's characters.  Charlie Kelly (portrayed by the ultra-talented Charlie Day) is a product of a broken home, broken dreams and broken teeth.  His indomitable spirit allows him to maintain a relatively positive attitude regardless of the stressors provided by the world at large.  "Charlie is our foundation!" is an exclamation made by Danny DeVito's Frank in episode 8 of season 9.  We agree.  We felt a need to pay homage to Charlie Kelly in song form.  We hope you enjoy.  

A special thanks goes out to Jackson Y for the superb artwork accompanying this song.  He continues to provide an integral facet of our overall musical product through his work as West Virginia's youngest professional artist.  We would also like to thank beta team member Tanner Haid for his musical and editing guidance.


Boil denim that he found down under the bridge
With an eye to the side for the waitress
He will smash all the rats with his bashin' stick
and he might spend a night in the crevice.

With a soft spot copped for the man in green
he will pop tops off of the bottled drink
He's a friend to the end of the final scene

Charlie is the foundation
with the whole world on his back.

With the law of the bird he recalls what he heard
and he tosses the word 'filibuster'
Scrapping for every single thing that he owns
He atones.

Breathing fumes in the rooms of his empty bar
with his tools and the ghouls, doesn't need a car.
He's content that he went never nowhere far

Nowhere far.


  1. Easily my favorite song from you all so far. Awesome!

    1. Thanks!! Charlie was an easy pick for a song subject. Great to hear from you Zach!