March 09, 2014

The Stone Rose

The Stone Rose artwork by Dylan Assael

This song is dedicated one of our bestest friends ever: Kara Dean. We wrote an earlier song about one of her alter egos called Tiniest Viking. This tune is about another one of the facets of her personality, a being called The Stone Rose. We were inspired by a recent email to us from her partner and best pal Dylan which read in part:

nobody can controllably summon her. She comes when she wants to.
She rallies the party, even when there is no party to rally. 
She dances late into the early morning. 
She wrestles women twice her strength, to a draw! 
She's got that can do anything attitude. 
She's lightning, and thunder in a bottle.
And man, I have a serious crush on her.

The lyrics we wrote (found below) reflect the words Dylan wrote and the feelings both of the members of The Efts have for Deanie. Some of the best times we've had in our lives have been with The Stone Rose. We will love her forever and beyond.


You cannot beat her up
She already did it for you
With her one black eye
she'll do everything she wanted to.
All she ever wanted to do.

With the party all around her
she's the engine in the center.
She's enveloped in the wonder
of the lightning and the thunder she called
down out of the sky 
and she falls down.

She picks herself up and she dusts herself off
and she picks a fight with someone twice her size

It's alright.
It's alright.
It's alright.

We will help you.
We will hold you.
We will love you.
The Stone Rose.

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