September 08, 2015

Ctrl Alt Del

Inspired by the name of a friendly Google Play reviewer (CtrlAltDelete Irl), this song reflects our innate disdain of a stagnant lifestyle.  Sometimes we must reboot in order to move forward.

Thanks to Dylan Assael for the video, and to Tanner Haid for his advice.  And a very special thanks to CtrlAltDelete Irl for his words and inspiration.


Some chapters close
Some chapters open
Some books get burned.

And so we've learned
to keep a cool head
adapting instead
when life is cheap.

Ctrl Alt Del.

Some people go down the drain,
some never get in the tank,
but you and me, we have paddles
so we float away.

And stay
the way
we want
to stay

Ctrl Alt Del.

Reset our feet.

Rinse and repeat.

Our jobs are not important
Our house is not important
Money is not important

But we should be

who we
are meant
to be

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