May 05, 2011

Tiniest Viking

Deanie holds a secret in her eyes

Listen to/download this song --> Tiniest Viking - The Efts
YouTube version --> Tiniest Viking - The Efts

This is Deanie's theme. In some circles, Deanie is known as the Tiniest Viking. She is a powerful positive force in this world, and radiates a feeling of warmth that can be felt at a subatomic level. Deanie has been a part of our lives for many years and we'll continue to love the time we get to spend together. Tiniest Viking forever!!


To the left is a temptation
To the right is a brass ring
She continues down the middle
She's the tiniest viking

Head up, chin out, eyes straight
No lack of clout today.

In her eyes she holds a secret
see them glimmer, see them glow
In her hands she holds her sons
In her arms she holds her beau
In her heart are fields of summer
winter, spring and fall
In her mind she plays this song
with her voice she sings along

Breathe in, hold it. Take wing.
Breathe out Tiny Viking.

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