November 19, 2013

What You Mean To Me

Several times I've tried to write a song about what Lolo means to me.  It's difficult because she means everything to me, something too huge and profound to jam into a ditty.  This song reflects the millionth attempt of trying to tell Lolo that while she's one of the most self-sufficient people on the planet, I love that we've become partners.  This is also my birthday present to her this year.  I love you Lolo!!


It's what you mean to me.
Under these trees
you're a skeleton key.

I tried to say it better
I tried to write a letter
I didn't know the words.

What you mean to me
you're the air that I breathe
the water I bleed

You can carry me
under your wing
But you set me to fly
by your side

What you mean to me
under these trees
going to be

feeling free

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